Tech Desk

Tech Desk on the lower level of Belk Library and Information CommonsThe Tech Desk is a service desk that allows patrons to check out digital equipment and accessories for personal use. We also offer the following services at the Tech Desk:

For information on how to use the public printers (black and white or color) and where they are located, see Printing in Belk Library on the main library website.


The Tech Desk is located on the lower level of Belk Library and Information Commons.


Call the Tech Desk at: 828-262-2735

Karl Moretz, Tech Desk Manager

Equipment Available for Checkout

  • Laptops (Mac and PC)
  • Tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, and Galaxy Three)
  • Digital cameras + Camcorders
  • Programming tools (Arduino + Raspberry Pi)
  • Audio recorders (Zoom H2 + H2n)
  • And more

See the full list and availability of these items using APPsearch (search for “asu” and limit to ASU Tech Checkout Desk under Location).

Check-Out Policies and Procedures

  • No reserves: We do not reserve equipment.
  • Returns: Equipment must be returned to the Tech Desk during open hours.
  • Renewals: No online renewals. Equipment must be returned to the Tech Desk for renewal.
  • Responsibility: You are responsible for lost equipment and peripherals.

Loan Periods for Digital Equipment

Digital Equipment Loan Period
Adapter 4 hours
Arduino Kit 1 week
Audio Recorder Zoom H2 3 days
Audio Recorder Zoom H2n 3 days
Bamboo Digitizing Pad 3 days
Calculator TI-84 Plus 3 days
Camcorder Canon Vixia 3 days
Camcorder GoPro Chesty 3 days
Camcorder GoPro Headstrap 3 days
Camcorder GoPro Hero 3+ 3 days
Camcorder Kodak Play Sport 3 days
Camcorder Sony Bloggie Sport 3 days
Camcorder Sony HDR-MV1 3 days
Camcorder Zoom Q3HD 3 days
Camera Canon Powershot 3 days
Camera Nikon CoolPix L810 3 days
Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7 and FS42 3 days
Camera Tripod Sony 3 days
Camera Tripod Sony Mini 3 days
Headphones 8 hours
iClicker 1 week
iPads 2 weeks
Kindle Fire 2 weeks
Lacie Hard Drive 3 days
Laptops 8 hours
LCD Projector 1 week
Raspberry Pi Kit 1 week
Samsung Galaxy Three 2 weeks


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