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Get access to library resources on the mobile web

Did you know that your mobile phone is more powerful than the computer on board the Apollo 11 spacecraft that carried the first men who landed on the moon? [*]

With today’s mobile devices, people have access to a variety of information online, including Mobile Library resources available from Belk Library and Information Commons.

Dedicated Mobile Website for Belk Library

Mobile Library is a dedicated mobile website for the ASU University Library. Essentially, this is a separate, pared-down version of our regular website that allows easy access to our most important information and services on mobile devices.

  • News and Information: hours, maps, classroom calendar
  • Research: books & media, article databases, library guides for research
  • Contacts: phone, SMS text messaging, directory, chat with a librarian
  • Cool Tools: Spec Coll Radio, BookFinder, computer availability map

Plus, you can access your library account from your mobile device or send an email message to the library using a simple form. Should you need to switch to our regular desktop site, there is an option for that also.

Responsive Web Design for Library Research Guides

Over the summer, we migrated our library guides for research to a new and improved software platform with responsive design. These online guides are accessible from your mobile phone by clicking “Research” on the main screen of the library’s mobile site, and then “Library Guides for Research.”

You may be wondering what is responsive design. In layman’s terms, responsive design uses flexible layouts to adapt a web page to different browser sizes and a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The technology on the back end is sophisticated, but the result on the front end is a simple user interface and a better viewing experience.

BTW: This site – Belk Library Tech News Center – is built with a template that uses responsive design. Even if you are on a desktop computer, you can resize your browser and see an adaptive website change to fit the browser window.


What do you think of the library’s mobile web presence? Do you prefer a pared-down version with minimal design, or a full-featured responsive site? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


* Zakas, Nicholas C. (2013). The Evolution of Web Development for Mobile Devices: Building Web Sites That Perform Well on Mobile Devices Remains a Challenge. ACM Queue, 11 (2).


EDITOR’S NOTE: Artwork by Andrew Nelson-Redondo, ASU student and part-time manager of the Digital Media Studio.


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