Message from the Editor

James Smith

Dear Reader,

An editor’s work is never done.

From the beginning, the mission of this blog-cum-microsite was to provide our readers with timely news on the digital technologies, tools, and services offered by our team.

As the site developed, however, it morphed into something more comprehensive and, we hope, more useful.

We essentially gathered together all the disparate pieces of information related to the services we provide and consolidated them into a central location. The result is a one-stop information resource for library personnel and patrons alike.

That’s where you come in. Our long-term goal is to improve how we communicate with those we serve. And you can help us achieve this goal because communication is a two-way process.

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Your constructive feedback will ensure that I perform effectively in my continuing role as an editor of this site.

With best regards,

James Smith
Managing Editor, Tech News Center

Phone: 828-262-7912

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