Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

I am an employee of Belk Library and need technical assistance. How do I get help?

Employees of the library who need technical assistance should submit a Help Desk Request. One of our support personnel will contact you.

I am a patron in the library using a public computer or my personal computer and need technical assistance. How do I get help?

You may go to the Library Service Desk on the first floor to report problems with public computers or printers. The folks there can also refer you to our technical personnel for assistance.

Another option is to use the Library Chat box on the right column of the library home page. Click on the Tech tab and type your message into the chat box. One of our tech support gurus will be able to help you.

There are tech support personnel on the first and third floors of Belk Library and Information Commons. If they are in their offices, stop by to ask them for help.

First floor tech help:

  • Katherine Alford – Room 147
  • Karl Moretz – Room 145

Third floor tech help:

  • Hunter Phillips – Room 354A

I am an instructor using one of the library classrooms and need technical assistance. How do I get help?

The podiums in all of Belk Library’s classrooms have been outfitted with a “Tech Help” button. Pressing that button will open an intercom link so you can talk directly to one of our tech support personnel.

How do I find out which computers and software are available on public machines in the library?

See our Computer Hardware and Software page for more information.

What services do you provide to library personnel and patrons of the library?

See the Services We Offer page for the types and range of services we provide.

Does the library offer a fax service for patrons?

The Library Service Desk on the main floor offers a mediated fax service for ASU faculty, staff, students, and the community.

How do I print something from a public computer in the library?

See our Printing in Belk Library page for information on how to print something from a public computer and how to add money to your APPCard Express account.

Do you offer merchandise for sale?

Belk Library offers a variety of electronic media items for purchase at the Library Service Desk on the first floor.

Where do I go to check out digital equipment such as cameras, microphones, and tripods?

Go to the Tech Desk on the lower level of Belk Library and Information Commons to check out digital equipment.


Questions about the Tech Desk

What is the Tech Desk?

The Tech Desk is a service desk on the lower level of Belk Library and Information Commons that allows patrons to check out digital equipment and accessories for personal use.

When are you open?

You can view the hours of operation on our Tech Desk calendar.

Who can use the Tech Desk?

The Tech Desk provides services for students, faculty, and staff of Appalachian State University.

What types of digital equipment do you have?

See what you can check out on the Tech Desk page. We also have an interactive kiosk near the Tech Desk that displays the digital equipment and accessories available for you to use.

What are your check-out procedures and policies (loan periods, renewal)?

See our check-out policies and procedures on the Tech Desk page.


Questions about the Digital Media Studio

What is the Digital Media Studio?

The Digital Media Studio (DMS) is an open multimedia lab that serves the Appalachian State University campus.

What types of computers and software do you have in the Digital Media Studio?

We have twelve 27 in. iMacs and three Mac Pros. Software includes the following Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore, Bridge, and Lightroom. We also have two 11 in. x 17 in. scanners.

For digital equipment and accessories, visit the Tech Desk on the lower level of Belk Library and Information Commons.

Where is the Digital Media Studio located?

The DMS has moved to the Lower Level of Belk Library and Information Commons in front of the Tech Desk where the Film/DVD collection used to be. See the library floor plans for the Lower Level map.

When are you open?

See our calendar on the Digital Media Studio page.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No appointment necessary. Walk-ins are welcome. If you need specific help on a project, contact Hunter Phillips ( or Wil Cummings ( for a consultation.

Do you support classroom instruction?

Yes! I you would like to use digital media in your class, please talk to us first so we can work out the details of the assignment. Then the well-trained students in the DMS will assist your students with creating projects. Please contact Wil Cummings ( for a consultation.

Will you come demonstrate to my class?

Yes, if that is the best choice for your assignment.

I would like to bring my class to the DMS. Is that something I can do?

Yes and No. If you work out the details ahead of time with Wil Cummings, then we can provide your students with the help they need. Our space is limited for large classes, and we must remain open to other patrons as well. Please do not just show up at the DMS with an entire class without letting us know well ahead of time.

Do you have (x) software, or can you get it?

If you know of a software package that will be well used in our lab, please let us know. We want to match other campus areas to provide a wide variety of current software packages.

I asked a student about (x) and they did not know, I thought you guys knew everything!  Why did the student not know?

Each student in the DMS has a specific skill set. Some are video experts, some work with design and print, while others focus on audio. If you need specific help, please let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate you.

Can I leave my files in the Digital Media Studio?

You should back up your files before leaving the lab. These are public machines, and files can be erased. We will try to keep your files, but we reserve the right to reformat the machines if needed.

Do you fix personal laptops?

No. Please go see Technology Services Support in Anne Belk Hall.

Will you come video something for me?

This is not a service that the DMS provides. Belk Library provides videography services for special events hosted by ASU faculty, staff, and university-recognized student organizations. Contact Paul Grant ( for more information.


Questions about Tech Instruction

What is Tech Instruction?

Tech Instruction is an initiative of the Digital Media Studio to provide instruction on how to use various digital technologies and tools. This includes software, hardware, and peripherals. We offer workshops and drop-in sessions in 3D printing, video editing, photo manipulation, Arduino, tablets, and cameras.

Who can participate?

The instruction is student-focused, but all Appalachian State University faculty and staff can take the classes. Registration is required for tech workshops. Go here to register for upcoming classes:

Drop-ins are informal training sessions held in various locations throughout the library. No registration is required to join these sessions.

Where do you provide Tech Instruction?

Beginning fall semester 2014, the classes will be held in Room 028 on the lower level of Belk Library and Information Commons. We will also offer drop-in sessions throughout the library on Mondays.

When Is Tech Instruction Held?

Tech workshops and drop-ins will begin September 2014 and will continue through the fall semester. Most workshops are offered on Wednesdays at 11 am. Drop-in sessions are offered Mondays at 11 am.

See our events calendar to view the instruction schedule. You may also call Wil Cummings at 828-262-7414 for more information.


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