Do You Know? We have the GoPro!

GoPro Hero 3+ digital camera

The Tech Desk on the lower level of Belk Library and Information Commons has brand new Hero3+ Black Edition GoPros for checkout. The loan period is three days.

We also have accessories such as the Chesty and Head-strap to make your GoPro experience even more comfortable and exciting.

Why Is the GoPro Camera a Good Choice?

If you are looking to capture those action shots and videos that seem impossible to shoot in the moment, the GoPro Hero3+ can do it. It is the smallest and lightest GoPro yet.

Great Videos

With high-frame rates 1440p48, 1080p60, 960p100 and 720p120 video modes, it will provide great video footage quality.

Action Shots

It has a Continuous Photo mode that shoots high-resolution stills at 3, 5, or 10 frames per second as you hold down the shutter button. The GoPro is perfect for capturing fast action shots while shooting 12 MP stills at 30 frames per second.


If you want to capture more than just a typical medium shot, now there is SuperView. SuperView allows you to capture a wide angle shot. SuperView captures shots that are more engaging because they include not only YOU but also your surroundings.

Sharper Images

The GoPro also now has sharper images and less distortion. In order to avoid even more distortion, the audio quality of the camera has been improved to record high quality audio in high-speed activities.

Waterproof Case

Also with the camera you will have access to a waterproof case. The waterproof case allows you to step out of the boundaries and go underwater or venture out on water-related activities.

Check Out the GoPro at the Tech Desk

Now you know, the GoPro is perfect for any high-speed activity or outdoor activity in general. If you are interested in heading out on an adventure, stop by the Tech Desk and check out a GoPro to capture every moment of your experience.

What do you think of the GoPro Hero3+ digital camera? Leave your comment below.


Molly Clay

Molly Clay is a senior at Appalachian State University majoring in Electronic Media/Broadcasting. She manages the Digital Media Studio part-time. Her specialty is audio/video editing. If you need assistance with an audio or video project, stop by or call the Digital Media Studio and ask for Molly.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Artwork by Andrew Nelson-Redondo, ASU student and part-time manager of the Digital Media Studio.


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