More Power to You – Charging Stations for Mobile Devices in Library

Charging station

Charging stations in Belk Library

Did you leave your charger at home? Is your mobile device low on power and need recharging? Get charged with one of the charging stations in Belk Library and Information Commons. Thirteen charging stations are located throughout the building for your convenience.

 Finding a Charging Station

There are floor stand and wall mount charging stations located on all floors of Belk Library.

  • Lower Level (3): One in the computers area near Room 024 and two in the Instructional Materials Center reference area
  • First Floor (3): One near the Fox Family Reading Room and two in the Borkowski Reading Lounge
  • Second Floor (3): Two in the Stevens Reading Room and one in the Barker Reading Lounge
  • Third Floor (3): Two in the Appalachian Parents Association Reading Room and one in the computers area near the print station
  • Fourth Floor (1): One outside Special Collections in the rotunda

See the floor plans of the building to find the various locations. Although the charging stations are not marked on the maps, you can see the names of the different areas of the library mentioned above.

Using a Charging Station

The charging stations by ChargeAll support most mobile devices. Each station can charge up to eight devices at the same time. Cables provided include two Micro USB, two Apple Lightning 8 pin, two Apple 30 pin, and two standard USB ports. You can also use your own cable, if you wish.

Using the charging stations in Belk Library is a convenient and secure way to charge your mobile devices. There is no fee for charging. Please turn off your ringer or set to vibrate. Do not leave devices unattended when charging. If you need assistance, drop by the Library Service Desk on the first floor.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Artwork by Andrew Nelson-Redondo, ASU student and part-time manager of the Digital Media Studio.


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