3D Printing Workshops

Markerbot Replicator 2

Staff in Belk Library’s Technology Services are offering 3D printing workshops during fall semester as part of our ongoing tech instruction initiative. See the workshop schedule for details on when, where, and how to sign up.

About the Workshops

Two different workshops will be offered.

  • Intro to 3D Printing will cover the basics and show some examples. A printer will also be available for you to observe.
  • 3D Printing Part Two will go more in-depth. In this second workshop you will learn how to use free software to create your own 3D object.

See our registration information post to see how to sign up for these and other workshops.

Class Resource Guide

The workshop presenters have put together a class resource guide that lists useful websites, terms, and definitions related to 3D printing. More information about 3D printing can be found in the post 3D Printing at Tech Desk.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Artwork by Andrew Nelson-Redondo, ASU student and part-time manager of the Digital Media Studio.


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